In light of the COVID-19 crisis, many workers in Houston's hospitality industry have been affected by closures and layoffs. Houston Shift Meal is dedicated to providing these individuals with meals so that no one goes hungry.​


We are accepting monetary sponsorships and donations from suppliers, businesses, and individuals who wish to help. These sponsorships will go to our restaurant partners to help offset their costs as they take care of our industry family during these difficult times.


For every $250 sponsorship received, a restaurant will be able to produce anywhere between 50-75 meals.

Read more about our vision here. For any questions, email us at info@houstonshiftmeal.com

Thank you for supporting Houston's hospitality community. We are all in this together.

If you are a furloughed or out of work employee in the Houston hospitality industry, please visit our Facebook Page for current Houston Shift Meal offers brought to you by our partners below.

If you are a member of the hospitality industry and in need of financial assistance for things including medical bills, accidents, family support assistance, mental health needs, and much more visit our incredible friends at Southern Smoke Foundation for more information.


Many thanks to our non-profit partner, The Texas Wine School Foundation, for their support and assistance. All monetary donation go the The Texas Wine School Foundation, who we then work with to distribute funds to our various restaurant partners. The Texas Wine School Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, tax ID #83-3218808


Adam & Anissa Orr

Amelia Q

Amr Elnashai

Amy Frederick

Anna & Brad Eastman


Ashley Bales

Beth Sellers

Candace Grover

Carrie Jean Knight

Casey Meador

Cat Karmel

Caymus Vineyards / Wagner Family of Wine

Chase & Reese Dickinson

Cheryl Schulke

Chris & Henry Kollenberg

Chris Chambers (Eatsie Boys)

Clark & Jennifer Williams

curmudgeonly misanthrope


Day Family


Delicato Family Wines

Dena & Aaron Calder

Dish Society

Douglas Williams

Elizabeth Coleman

Frank & Jeanine Cusimano

Frederick Wildman & Sons, Ltd.

Geoff Graham

Harriet Foster

Heller Cozak

Hollaway Environmental + Communications Services

Jacob Dalpe


Jamie Grubb

Jay Dillard

Jessica Myers

John & Cindy Gremp

John Baker

Katy & Thomas Williamson

Kelly D Cobb

Keith Staples

Kris Handoyo

Kyle & Kara Huggins

La Marca Prosecco

Lauren Parsons


Lee Blilie

Lenni & Bill Burke

Liquid Alchemist Craft Syrups

Lynn Morris & Ralph Miller

M. Hulen

M. McCracken

Margaret Sweeney

Mike Muna


Monica Nagel


Natalie Vaclavik - Jonata & Hilt Estate

Paul Herrera

Paula & Jim Beste

Platt Davis

Rick & Sook Hall

Rick C.

Rob Peterson

Sam Cole

Santa Margherita USA

Sarah Verheyen

Scott Tyree MS

Stephanie Koecher

Steve S.

Stout Family Wines

Sunny McKee

Susan Rosenbaum and Eric Schoen

The Bhakhri's

The Blalock Family

The Eastwood Family

The Daley's

The Duncan Family

The Lane Family

The Scott & Holman Pawdcast & Patrons

Thomas Alero Waterhouse

Tim MacDonald

Tito's Handmade Vodka

Tony Johnson & Cherie Newton

Vanessa Sloan

Victoria Beitler

Westmont Hospitality Group

William Chenault


If you are interested in assisting, click here