COVID-19 Shift Meal Game Plan Proposal


Friends, we know that we are all doing what we can during this unsettling time. We are working on creating a network of restaurants that are willing to provide sponsored/subsidized “shift meals” to help feed our out of work industry family. Please take a look at the proposal and let me know if you are able to help.


Here is the idea:


**SPONSOR PARTNERS: Sponsorship packages are in $250 increments. Every $250 sponsorship allows us to add another Restaurant Partner per day! With your contribution our restaurant will be able to serve anywhere between 50-75 meals for the many workers in Houston's hospitality industry. All restaurants that are participating that day will know that the sponsorships provided are done as a collective. The total of your sponsorship will determine the number of DAYS you are sponsoring. Basically, if you are able to spend $1000, you are sponsoring the collective for 4 days of shift meals. The number of participating Restaurant Partners on any given day will determine the number of Sponsor Partners.  Sponsorships can be fulfilled through our non-profit partner, The Texas Wine School, or directly with a restaurant partner if you are an APPROVED SUPPLIER***. This is only intended to be a networking service. The goal is to optimize sponsorship dollars to help as many restaurants sustain and prolong their efforts in this time of need. To be a SPONSOR PARTNER you’ll have to fill out the form on the Houston Shift Meal website, (https://www.houstonshiftmeal.com). 


***APPROVED SUPPLIER PARTNERS: Your sponsorship commitments can be fulfilled directly to an ASSIGNED restaurant partner in the form of a CC transaction. If you prefer to fulfill your sponsorship commitments directly with a Restaurant Partner, I will do my best to pair you up with a restaurant where you are currently represented. Fulfillment of funds will be required within 3 business days of assignment date. To apply to be a supplier sponsor, you will be required to fill the form on the Houston Shift Meal website, (https://www.houstonshiftmeal.com). Follow the steps to be a SPONSOR and select DIRECT SPONSORSHIP when asked how you would like to fulfill your commitment.


**RESTAURANT PARTNERS: We are looking to launch with a smaller group of restaurants on the first day and grow the number of partners as we have more funds come in. To be a RESTAURANT PARTNER you’ll have to apply through the Houston Shift Meal website. Restaurants will need to provide a MINIMUM of 50-75 meals a day per $250 sponsorship. Restaurants will be responsible for maintaining portion control. Restaurant sets the time window of service and what will be served (today’s stew, rice dish, pasta, etc.). The dollars sponsored are intended to help SUBSIDIZE the cost of these shift meals you provide. However, I also hope that this will help get the word out that you are open for take out business. We are also dedicated to helping get the word out to let our industry family and valued consumers know what HOUSTON HOSPITALITY really means. Many of you are already willing to help, hopefully, these sponsored dollars make it easier to extend your reach. Fulfillment of funds will either be a direct CC transaction from one of our Sponsor Partners or from Houston Shift Meal via our Non Profit Partner.


Obviously this all depends on the number of willing participants and sponsors. There are many restaurants and suppliers that want and are willing to help. This is only intended to be a networking service. The goal is to optimize sponsorship dollars to help as many restaurants sustain and prolong their efforts in this time of need.


**DONATIONS:  Every little bit helps!! If you’d like to make a monetary donation in any denomination, the TEXAS WINE SCHOOL has graciously agreed to allow me to collect funds through their Non-Profit. This is great news as this means you can request a tax deduction for your donation as well! We will also be accepting donations of selected goods through the website. 


Thank you for your time and consideration.



Cat Nguyen, Houston Sommelier Association

Jonathan Beitler, Barrelhouse Media